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Computational Fluid Dynamics, more commonly known as its acronym CFD, is a branch of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and mathematical algorithms to solve and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. Computers are used to perform calculations required to simulate liquids or gases interaction with surfaces defined by boundary conditions. To do that, specialized and high technology software are needed, to perform such complex calculations.

One of the most used CFD software is PHOENICS. PHOENICS is developed by the British company CHAM, and it has been vastly used for different kinds of simulations that involve multi-phase flows, heat transfer, process with chemical reactions, particle tracking, smoke dispersion, aerodynamics, equipment efficiency analysis, ventilation&acclimatization and others. Its friendly interface, the possibility of load CAD files to the object geometries, an open-source routine for user-coding and its exclusive physical models are some of the important advantages of using PHOENICS on CFD simulations. The main features of PHOENICS are listed above:

  • G1-,2- and 3-D geometries;
  • Cartesian, Polar, Body-Fitted Coordinates, and Unstructured;
  • Local multi-level fine-grid embedding;
  • “PARSOL” Cut-cell technique for complex geometry;
  • “INFORM” Input of user-defined Formula;
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer;
  • Single or Multi-Phase Flow;
  • Particle Tracking;
  • Chemical reaction;
  • Radiation;
  • Non-Newtonian Flow;
  • Choice of equation solvers and differencing schemes;
  • Automatic generation of user code;
  • Open-source routine for user-coding;
  • Automatic convergence control.

SAFE SOLUTIONS is a new Agent of CHAM in Brazil, to revenue of PHOENICS, looking for great agility in software delivery as well as great commitment in supporting the clients. 



CHAM is an engineering-software company, located in Wimbledon, England. Its full name is Concentration Heat and Momentum Limited. Its business is, and has been since the 1970s, the provision of software and related services concerned with the computer simulation of processes involving the flow of fluids, together with the stresses and temperatures in solids in contact with them.  PHOENICS is its principal software product. This is a general-purpose package, first launched in 1981 and still pioneering new features.



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